Kanae Kuma

Painter, Character Designer.
Born in Fukuoka in November 1st 1990. Lived in Tokyo since 2009.
Have gone to Tama Art University only for half a year.
Opend the first solo exhibition in Omotesando in 2010.
Went to New York in 2011, participated in group exhibition.
Returned to Japan, opend solo exhibiton “glossing over” in 2012.
The original characters “Finthe” were born in 2015.
Have posted painting, drawing and making products on Instagram.

2019 12 TOKYO SKYTREE(R) ART 2020, Tokyo Skytree/Tokyo
2019 07 group exhibition “COLORFUL”, gallery DAZZLE/Tokyo
2018 06 Postcard Labo Project, Conys Eye/Ishikawa and Karuizawa New Art Museum/Nagano
2017 11 Shibuya art festival, shibuya station/Tokyo
2017 09 the goods store of Artists “C/STORE”/ShibuyaHikarie/Tokyo
2017 08 Design Festa Summer, Tokyo Big Sight/Tokyo
2016 11 Shibuya art festival,shibuya station/Tokyo
2016 05 Ikebukuro art gathering, Tokiwa street/Tokyo
2015 09 “live painting and exhibition”, CORASSE fukushima/Fuskushima
2015 03 art street in Asagaya, PIBLIC/Tokyo
2014 09 group exhibition “Creative Japanese Artist in Milano”, ARTE GIAPPONE/Milano
2014 06 exhibition & POP UP SHOP! “Fiore ku makanae”, SPBS/Tokyo
2014 03 Award of excellence, art contest “Rediscover appeal about Koga city 2013”
2014 03 event “live painting in Minamisoma”, Yumehatto/Fukushima
2013 10 art festival “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013”/Tokyo
2013 08 public exhibition, Mt. Takasaki Monkey land National Park/Tokyo
2012 10 solo exhibition “glossing over”, LAPNET SHIP/Tokyo
2011 09 solo exhibition “Caramel macchiato square”, Niji garou/Tokyo
2011 06 group exhibition “the 3th 100 Artists Exhibition”, Ouchi Gallery/New York
2011 02 solo exhibition “PASTELIAN”, Elgala hall/Fukuoka
2010 06 solo exhibition “Mo・nkey”, ART・IN・GALLERY/Tokyo


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I’d like to work all over the world.